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    ok but dating soccer!calum would mean packing lunch and snacks for him to bring to practice because he likes showing off the bomb ass food his girlfriend made to his teammates and boasting about how great of a girlfriend you are. you would always try to make his games especially if it was for a big league and whenever he felt tired or unmotivated on the field, he would look up at the stands and see you in his over-sized jersey cheering him on and he would immediately break out into a smile. but dealing with post - defeat calum would be heartbreaking. he tends to beat himself up and sulk in the locker rooms after the game. and after the games you would solemnly walk into the locker room, giving consolating smiles to his teammates 

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13-02-2017 17:30

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Buts 1 Ameziane Benmamar
Buts 1 Mohammed Bazi
Buts 1 Kababa Drameh

Defaite contre Pere Marquette chez eux.. Kamal Coach


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